William Benckert creates music from cell research

Vignette image to William Benckert's music for single-cell research

KMH student William Benckert creates musical interpretations of simple-cell research in cooperation with SciLifeLab at Karolinska Institutet. His music will be played April 28 at the SciLifeLab Science Summit.

KMH cooperates with the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, in the project Nobel Creations, where students from KMH and Beckmans College of Design have made interpretations of the Nobel Prize in design, fashion and music. As a spinoff of this project the SciLifeLab in Solna contacted the Nobel Museum to commission a musical interpretation of single-cell research.

It was William Benckert, student at KMH graduate programs in jazz, which got the assignment to portray single-cell research in music.

He chose to work with synths and samplings to create a composition which will be performed during the Science Summit, a research meeting on 28 April in Stockholm, with 800 specialists in single-cell research involved.

- The composition is first a soundscape of how cells are disassembled and their information taken out, says William.

- This information is then metaphored or illustrated sonically in this song. As the DNA of cells is sequenced, the musical information is sequenced in the same way, and finally generates a fat, heavy groove.

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