Willam Benckert turns the Higgs boson into music

Portrait photo of Willam Benckert. Photo: Hanna Sohlborg.
Willam Benckert. Photo: Hanna Sohlborg.

William Benckert interprets the "Higgs boson" in the form of his own music in connection with the Nobel Museum's new exhibition "Experiment". William is one of the KMH students who collaborated with the Nobel Museum in the project "Nobel Creations", where the Nobel Prizes are interpreted through fashion, design and music.

The Higgs boson is a particle in the particle physics standard model. It is named after the scientist Peter Higgs, who received the Nobel Prize in 2013. The so-called Higgs mechanism and the Higgs Field Higgs boson describes why particles have mass. There is a theory that recently considered to have been verified in experiments in the large particle accelerator at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.

This is something William Benckert, under the name "Hip Colour", now is trying to interpret musically with the synth as his main tool.

- In the song, you can hear how the particles are flying and crashing, he says in an interview for the local Stockholm news magazine mitti.se.

In the project Nobel Creations students have interpreted all the Nobel Prizes. It was the physics price that fell on Williams lot, and it led on to another assignment this spring: to interpret single-cell research for the SciLifeLab Science Summit, a conference organized by SciLifeLab at the Karolinska Institute.

- But this new Higgs song is a little extra fat, it is heavy in a catchy way, says William.

His music will be played live at the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Experiment" at the Nobel Museum in the Old Town of Stockholm, Friday 16 September. The exhibition opens to the public on September 17 and is open for a full year, until 10 September 2017.

Williams' Higgs music as work in progress:



The Higgs boson, visualisation from CERN

This year's Nobel Prize will also be interpreted artistically in the project "Nobel Creations". This year students from KMH, Beckmans College of Design, the Photo School and the Friends will participate, and the results will be shown at the science park Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje.




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