To the memory of Göran Lindberg and Per Andersberg

Two important and popular teachers with long deeds at KMH has left us in the summer:

Göran Lindberg, pianist/composer/arranger and former lecturer at the Department of Jazz, passed away 13 July.

Per Andersberg, conductor and hourly paid teacher in orchestral conducting, died suddenly July 28 in acute cardiac arrest.

Porträttfoto av Göran Lindberg

In the 1960s, Göran Lindberg performed as a pianist in the Eje Thelin group among others. During the jazz period of restaurant The Golden Circle in Stockholm, Göran was frequently engaged as a musician, who then played with superstars such as Lucky Thompson, Dexter Gordon and Coleman Hawkins.

He also met a larger audience as a member of the Lasse Samuelson and Jan Allan dance orchestras, and as an accompanist for the greater part of Sweden's entertainment elite, including Cornelis Vreeswijk, Barbro Hörberg, Svante Thuresson, Lill Lindfors, Povel Ramel, and not least, Monica Zetterlund.

When Göran Lindberg in 2014 received the Monica Zetterlund scholarship, he was described by the jury as "an ornament for the jazz musicians' guild. Unselfish, supportive, listening, as a person, as a musician. Your music is tastefully restrained and a joy to listen to, always. Being the mastermind behind a wealth of historical productions, you have gone from being one of our most enterprising innovator,to assuming today the position as an equally significant bearer of tradition. "

Göran was until 2003 an employee at KMH as a teacher and during a period also director of studies for the KMH individual performance programmes. Since then, he has made valuable contributions as a hourly paid teacher and guest lecturer.


Porträttfoto av Per Andersberg

Per Andersberg studied classical guitar at Ingesund (Sweden) and in Vienna, and then studied conducting at KMH, at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, as well as in Vienna and at the Peter the Great Academy in St. Petersburg. His teachers include Otmar Suitner, Jorma Panula, Ilya Musin and Alexander Polischuck. Per has participated in numerous master classes both in Sweden and in including the Czech Republic and Russia.

Since 1993, Per worked as a freelance conductor, 1994, he represented Sweden at the Nordic conducting competition, and was appointed in 1997 to the best European director at the Peter the Great Academy in St. Petersburg.

Since 1996 he taught orchestral conducting at KMH, and was there during a period also head of the then Department of orchestral conducting. In 1997 he received the Music School Student student prize "The G-clef".

Per was also active as a conductor and artistic director of the Nyköping Philharmonic Society, Uppsala Chamber Strings and Stockholm Mozart Orchestra.

In 2015 he was awarded The Sweden Orchestra Association's Gold Medal by HM the King of Sweden.

- With Per Andersberg's death, KMH has lost a valuable employee and esteemed educator. Our warm thoughts and our sincere condolences now go to Per's relatives in their deep sorrow, says KMH Vice-Chancellor Cecilia Rydinger Alin.

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