The autophagy mechanisms interpreted in music

Hannes Egnell, Sayuri Hayashi and Hanna Bylund, composers for this year's Nobel Creations.

The exhibition Nobel Creations, which this year appears on Tom Tits Experiment, creates new music that interprets this year's Nobel Laureates discoveries and achievements. These will be heard through headphones at the exhibition. As on previous instalments of Nobel Creations, the music will be composed as in previous years by KMH students, now also in collaboration with invited independent artists.

Hanna Bylund will interpret the Nobel Prize in medicine together with Sayuri Hayashi and Hannes Egnell.

How do you feel about participating in this year's production of Nobel Creations? 

– Good! It feels exciting to get to interpret such an important prize for the second year in a row and put together an exhibition with so many talented artists.

What did you think of this year's medicine prize and what gave you ideas for your composition?

– We needed some extra research to put ourselves into the prize, but we have realized what an incredibly important building block for medical research that has been found. I started thinking musical thoughts on the recycling system that cells exert, so the focus will clearly be there.

How was it to be at the museum to see the press conference and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the representative from the Karolinska Institute?

– Fun and necessary! That was a perfect kickoff in order to get started and ask questions to feel prepared. These are still quite complex topics we'll dive into, so it was absolutely necessary!

Nobel Creations opens on December 9 at Tom Tit's Experiment in Södertälje, southwest of Stockholm.

Uppdaterad 2016-12-07