Would you like to be a part of shaping the future for Swedish music?

Photo: Åke Eriksson Lundman

An entirely new campus is built for KMH in the central of Stockholm. With new facilities and new technology, KMH will attract new students, teaching resources and a new and broader audience. 

The fundraising campaign Music for Millions is now underway to finance the infrastructure, concert halls and studio complex. As an individual, company or organisation you have the opportunity to lay the foundations for world-class music education and research. Read more about KMH's new concert halls and the studio comlex and how you can support the campaign

KMH shall be a leading international centre for the education of musicians and music teachers of the highest quality.
-   Professor Cecilia Rydinger Alin, Vice-Chancellor KMH
-   Professor Staffan Scheja, Pro-Vice-Chancellor KMH

Uppdaterad 2017-06-20