Samantha Ohlanders receives the Spelstina medal 2017

Portrait photo of Samantha Ohlanders. Photo: Saga Berlin.
Samantha Ohlanders. Photo: Saga Berlin.

Freelance musician and former KMH student Samantha Ohlanders has been awarded the Spelstina medal 2017 by Hälsinglands spelmansförbund.

The Spelstina medal is a way to reward female musicians who pass on traditional Swedish folk music to new generations. In the nomination of Samantha Ohlanders, Hälsinglands Spelmansförbund (The Hälsingland Folk Musicians' Association) writes that she:

"for many years has been a driving force among young Swedish folk musicians. Her artistry and critically exploring approach to the tradition has inspired folk musicians across the country. In short, both as a violinist and singer, she has shown where the cabinet should be."

In 2013, Samantha Ohlanders graduated from the bachelor programme in folk music at KMH. Since then she has been active as freelance musician with performances throughout Sweden, Europe and the United States. Together with Sara Parkman, she has been touring with the show Fäboland, and she also plays in the band Beata Bermuda.

The medal will be awarded at the Spelstina festival in Torsåker on Saturday 19 August.


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