Praise in Vogue for Ylva Fred's music for the final of the Stockholm Fashion Week

Photo of Ylva Fred och Diana Orving. (Photo Diana Orving: JUS Design.)
Ylva Fred and Diana Orving. (Photo Diana Orving: JUS Design.)

In an appraising review, the international fashion magazine Vogue draws attention to KMH composition student Ylva Fred, for her collaboration with fashion designer Diana Orving at the Stockholm Fashion Week 2017.

Instead of working within the traditional fashion showcase format with agency models, Ylva Fred and Diana Orving have created a cross-border performance. Ylva has composed a work performed live by a hand-picked chamber ensemble, consisting of inspiring and strong musicians she wants to collaborate with.

The ensemble consists of strings, double-bass recorder and percussion, played by Klara Hellgren, Karin Hellqvist, Anna Petrini, Sabina Sandri Olsson and Magdalena Meitzner, most of them alumni from KMH.

– In the music I want to show strength, complexity, and the beautiful. The performers' improvisation has been a great source of inspiration, "says Ylva.

Diana Orving has become famous for breaking convention and is rather moving towards art than fashion as we know it. She has received great attention in recent years and has repeatedly won the award Designer of the Year designer by ELLE magazine.

Ylva Fred also has a background in the fashion industry as a designer, stylist and scenographer, and worked with Diana ten years ago.

– Now we meet again, but under new conditions. Entering the fashion room as a composer is nice and exciting, says Ylva.

The Stockholm Fashion Week ended with Diana Orving's and Ylva Fred's show in the Mirror Hall at the Grand Hotel Friday September 1.

The review in Vogue

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