Polska – Polski!


Film Premiere and Record Release at KMH!

In December 2015, a project was launched at KMH, which is now manifested and concluded with a film premiere and record release. On Wednesday, May 10, 19:00, the film will be sreened at KMH - for the first time in Sweden! It has previously been shown in Polish TV (during Easter weekend).

The record was recorded in the Nathan Milstein Hall during an intense day in September. The project seeks and explores common musical roots between Swedish and Polish folk music. In addition to KMH, Musik i Syd has participated from the Swedish side, and Wszystkie Mazurki Swiata on the Polish side. The Polish Ministry of Culture and the Polish Institute in Stockholm have supported the project.

In addition to the film premiere and record release, there will be music performed by Polish and Swedish musicians, as well as dance – both Swedish-Polish and Polish dances.

Polish mazurkas, Swedish polish dances and polonaises!

Free entrance

Special Price for the CD/DVD Edition "Polska–Spår"




About the project:

Polska (The Polish Dance) has a special position in Swedish and Nordic folk music. Most people today are aware that Polish dances has something to do with Poland, but when did it actually come to Sweden? And are there any connections between Swedish and Polish folk music today? Maybe even the same songs but dressed in different costumes?

For some time now, the KMH Department of Folk Music has had close contacts with musicians and dancers in Poland and in the Polski Project we hear the sounding result of these contacts.

The artistic work is based on free musical associations creating chains of songs that intersect. Sometimes the connections between the Swedish and the Polish have been obvious and sometimes more imaginative.

A Polish-produced video presents the project (speech in Polish and English, later to be published in text version):

The project was presented at a concert at KMH on September 10, 2016 with musicians from both Sweden and Poland, on instruments such as violin, bagpipe, baraban, flute and song:

Magnus Gustafsson – violin
Ulrika Gunnarsson  song, violin
Will-Louise Skough-Åborn  song
Jonas Hjalmarsson  violin
Olof Misgeld  violin, viola
Justyna Piernik  song
Janusz Prusinowski  violin, dulcimer, accordion etc.
Paweł Iwaszkiewicz  bagpipes
Justyna Rekść-Raubo  cello
Piotr Piszczatowski  percussion
Witold Broda  violin
Piotr Zgorzelski  dance
Bogumiła Zgorzelska  dance
Anna Öberg  dance
Anton Schneider  dance


The project was co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.


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