North of Stockholm – a swinging record release with folk tunes by women

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The fiddle trio North of Stockholm, takes a new approach on the Swedish folk treasure. It started with a private initiative, eventually became a project at KMH and has now resulted in the debut album "After" with songs exclusively by women.

Look up a folk collection, any. What do you see? Old men, old men and old men again.

In principle, our whole tradition is based seemingly on the men who played the violin, these men's fathers and grandfathers. But wait: has there not been a single female musician? Turn up that folk music collection again and look a little closer, much closer. Take the magnifying glass and detective eyes and you will see. Read the comments and look: grandmother, grandmother, mother and sister. It is time to let these women get their own names and their own place. It's time now!

– We were just sick of that in folk music (as in all other music history or history in general) talk was mainly about men, says Alva Granström, one of the trio's members. There are many who talk about this but few actually take hold of it and highlight female carriers of tradition by playing their songs, so therefore we simply had to do the work ourselves!

– To find these women, we looked though music collections looking for references to mothers and grandmothers, or simply a woman's name, continues Magdalena Eriksson.

– Then we have often had to do a little research to find out her name, says Stina Brandin. We also visited the archive at the folk music house in Rättvik and asked other skilled musicians.

North of Stockholm consists of:
Stina Brandin - Boda kyrkby, Dalarna
Alva Granström - Umeå, Vasterbotten
Magdalena Eriksson - Gottne, Ångermanland

Monday, November 7 19:00
KMH, the Royal Hall
Free admission!

More info:
Alva Granström, 076-103 53 33,
Magdalena Eriksson, 070-301 68 00,
Stina Brandin, 070-362 52 66,
Susanne Rosenberg, head of the Department. Folk Music, 070-671 01 39,

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