Nobel Creations – an exhibition takes shape

An exhibition takes shape

Work is underway on Fotoskolan STHLM. Photo: Alma Bengtsson
Work is underway on Fotoskolan STHLM. Photo: Alma Bengtsson

Now work is fully in progress with the Nobel Creations – The 2016 Nobel Prize, which will be displayed at Tom Tit's Experiment in Södetälje from 9 December.

There is much that needs to fall into place when a show is produced. In this production, 70 students, four schools, a museum and a science center are involved. There are many parties who together will produce a whole.

Right now the students work diligently to be ready for the opening. Friends of Handicraft School has organised a student presentation of its textile subsidies 11/11, and this week press photos are made of the finished objects by students from Fotoskolan STHLM. Several students from the Royal College of Music record their interpretations in their studios, and the students from Stockholm School of Photography are in the midst of shooting their interpretations and image-processing them. All students are in their final phase, except for the fashion students at Beckmans College of Design. They started their course on Monday and is in the midst of its concept and brainstorming.

The project involves the students themselves write lyrics to sign their interpretations. Most of the texts are ready and will soon be designed to readable signs. I, as a reader is immediately interested and want to see how the interpretation looks. Thilde Dehlsen Wersäll and Åsa Glifberg (Stockholm School of Photography) interprets this year's physiology and medicine price. They write, among other things:

"The idea of ​​our work is to visualize autophagy. Autophagy which in Greek means self-eating. Based on this, we have chosen a picture where you look at a man who is about to swallow his ear. We have chosen to downplay the ear in dull colors to draw connections to degradation in contrast to the lips that goes a living skin tone."

As a project, it is exciting to see all the students' work. This year it is 36 different interpretations and a soundscape to be produced by 70 students. Individuals who all have their own visions, ideas, expectations and creative abilities. It is rewarding, inspiring and rubs off on everyone involved.

The exhibition opens on Friday, December 9 at the Tom Tit's Science Centre in Södertälje, and then the hope is that this will also rub off on all visitors.

Jeanette Peterberg, project manager at the Nobel Museum for Nobel Creations

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