New campus

KMH:s nya campus, huvudbyggnaden 2016-01-18

An entirely new campus has now opened its doors to students, faculty, researchers and visitors. With new facilities and new technology, KMH will attract new students, teaching resources and a new and broader audience. The goal is for KMH to become the world’s most modern college of music!

Architects: AIX Architects AB, Tobias Rosberg
Start of construction: 2013
Completion: Summer 2016
Local Area: 15 900 sq.m.

With listed buildings as a starting point, new buildings meet old ones as they enrich each other. The older buildings are given a key role in the campus as a whole. The former stables and riding hall became listed buildings in 1993 and they are therefore preserved and reused. The stable will be integrated in the construction program to become the new university library.

Kungasalen i augusti 2016

KMH’s new buildings are include five performance spaces, six control rooms and three recording studios. The main entrance hall can be used advantageously as an alternative open performance space or gallery.

The design of the campus facilities is characterized by spatial and acoustic flexibility. The concert halls can be varied for different applications and the foyers can be furnished for different types of events. There are requirements for the humidity in the premises in order to suit singers and the instruments specific needs.

Nathan Milstein-salen i augusti 2016

Building 1 (the large glass building along Valhallavägen) contains the main common rooms, concert halls, studios, classrooms and offices for administration. The building is placed on the east side of the existing stables and consists of five bodies (A-E). This building holds the main entrance at Valhallavägen. The entrance to the stable (building 3) is integrated in the main entrance hall. The foyer will be the college central room and holds the entrance to the main concert hall.

KMH hus 4 exteriör
Building 4 (the building along Lidingövägen) consists essentially of rehearsal rooms and classrooms. This building is placed on the west side of the campus.

KMH:s nya campus, byggnader 1-5

As in all campus planning, it is important to create meeting places between students, staff and the general public within KMH’s new campus.

The gravel-yard in the middle of the campus, between the old and new buildings, will become KMH’s central meeting place. There will be a green zone with vegetation on the west side of building 4.

Buildings 2 and 5 (the riding hall and the "yellow villa" are not integrated in the KMH campus.

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