Banner for the KMH ljudOljud Festival, 14-20 April 2015

"ljudOljud" is a festival organized by the students at the KMH department of composition, conducting and music theory.

The 2017 programme included both new works by composition students and works from the classical repertoire, both instrumental and vocal as well as electroacoustic music.

Students in conducting lead musicians from other KMH departments as well as professional ensembles - including the Swedish Radio Choir, Norrbotten NEO and KammarensembleN.

April 24-29, 2017!

A fine visit by renowned chamber ensemble Norrbotten NEO and the Bohuslän Big Band, new music of the harp, tango trio, music for 29 loudspeakers and, of course, KMH's own choirs and ensembles. It's just some of the experiences included at the 2017 ljudOljud festival.

Programme Book (pdf, updated 2017-04-25)

Em Silén, composition student and project manager:

– Did you think you know how a harp sounds? Go to our theme concert with freshly composed piedes for harp and think again. And for God's sake don't miss to experience the new Sound Dome, with its' no less than 29 loudspeakers deployed for a maximum 360 ° experience!

– This festival offers a variety of world premieres and a high musical level right through – revel in new sounds, beautiful sounds, noises impossible! Loud, proud sounds and soft analog sounds...

The ljudOljud festival is produced by students at the Department of composition, conducting and music theory, who are all involved as composers and conductors, in addition to managing all the work around the festival.

KMH has established partnerships with award-winning ensembles Norrbotten NEO, and one of Sweden's foremost big band, Bohuslän Big Band, provides the festival with the professional quality it deserves. This year, students at the international master programme CoPeCo (Contemporary Performance and Composition) will also participate, focusing on new and experimental ways of working both with their respective instruments and the concert form as such.

Thanks to KMH's new ultra-modern concert halls, it is possible for the first time in a long time to hear electroacoustic music (EAM) as well as big band jazz, chamber and choral music under one roof.

Free entrance to all concerts: together they offer a chance not only to experience and discover new and timeless music, but also to come into direct contact with both living composers and intepreters.

An opportunity to ask, to question and to learn. Or simply just relax and listen to the hottest sounds (or noises)!

ljudOljud 2017
April 24 to 29
KMH Valhallavägen 105 in Stockholm (Subway Stadion)


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