Key changes and peace hope when KMH students interpret the Nobel Prize in music

Photo of Calle Stenman, trumpet. Photo: Joel Hulander.
Photo: Joel Hulander.

Tobias Johansson and Calle Stenman at KMH are two of around seventy students who interpret the Nobel Prize in fashion, music, crafts and photography.
This year, KMH collaborates with Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm School of Photography and Friends of Handicraft in the Nobel Museum's exhibition "Nobel Creations - The Nobel Prize in 2016", which will be shown at Tom Tit's Experiment Science Center in Södertälje from 9 December.

Portrait photo of Tobias Johansson

Pianist Tobias Johansson's role in the project was to interpret the Chemistry Prize. In his music, all three chemistry laureates are represented.

– I got hooked on the concepts of "kantenan" and "rotaxan" developed by the award winners Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, says Tobias.

– I have already worked with writing melodies that work across several different types of chords and keys, and there I could draw parallels to these types of bonds in chemistry.

In the intro to the song "Origins" the third chemistry laureate, Ben Ferringa, is represented himself with his story of how it all began.

– It's still a new field, where we eagerly await what amazing discoveries the future might give us. That sense of anticipation is what I want to convey! says Tobias.

Calle Stenman is one of the students who have made an artistic interpretation of the Peace Prize.

– I have assumed the feeling of hope, says Calle, who is himself a trumpeter.

– I wanted to capture the fact that this year's prize is an encouragement to continue the peace process in a country (Colombia) who currently does not have peace, and together with my fellow musicians I have worked a lot with contrasts in the music.

* * *

This year, the Nobel Museum's popular “Nobel Creations – The Nobel Prize 2016” exhibition is moving to Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje. Two additional schools are also joining the collaboration. In addition to students from Beckmans College of Design and KMH, students from Fotoskolan STHLM and the Friends of Handicraft School are participating with free interpretations of this year's Nobel Prize. Visitors will experience 36 exciting windows into the 2016 Nobel Prize through fashion, music, handcrafts and photography.

These works are creations inspired by the discoveries and achievements of the latest Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics. The exhibition explores what unites Nobel Laureates, artists and creators: creativity. Fashion is about thinking outside the box, daring to question established theories and innovatively combining insights from different fields, all hallmarks of creativity.

– To be working with and interpreting something as big internationally as the Nobel Prize is both exciting and challenging. To visually interpret the six different prizes in a way that both conveys and tells about not only the individual prizes but also their meaning is a challenge that we look forward to with great anticipation,” says Mats Andrén, course director at Fotoskolan STHLM (Stockholm School of Photography).

“We are delighted that the Nobel Museum has chosen to exhibit ‘Nobel Creations – The Nobel Prize 2016’ at Tom Tit's Experiment Science Center. The exhibition offers added value to our visitors, who gain access to these creative interpretations of the Nobel Prize,” says Marie Karlsén, marketing manager at Tom Tit's Experiment.

The exhibition will be shown from 9 December 2016 to 12 February 2017.

For further information, images and press screenings, please contact:

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Address: Tom Tits Experiment Storgatan 33, 151 36 Södertalje

Tobias Johanssons "Upprinnelse" ("Origins") on Soundcloud:

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