Joel Lyssarides receives the Säve-Söderbergh scholarship

Portrait photo of Joel Lyssarides. Photo: Nord Keyboards.
Joel Lyssarides. Photo: Nord Keyboards.

Pianist and former KMH student Joel Lyssarides is awarded this year's Save-Soderbergh scholarship for jazz musicians, says the Swedish music magazine Lira.

The jury's motivation: "Joel has demonstrated exquisite tonal feeling, subtle harmonies and creative phrasing. He is an exceptional musical talent which in this way receives another stimulus for future greatness. "

For 22 years, Bengt Säve-Söderbergh was president of the National Association Swedish Jazz and instituted this annual scholarship which is now awarded for the second year. Last year the prize went to the pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader Cecilia Persson.

The scholarship sum of SEK 40,000 will be awarded at a ceremony in connection with Jazzrixdagen ("The Jazz Parliament") in Jönköping on May 14.

In 2014 Joel Lyssarides was awarded the Jan Wallander Prize, instituted by Handelsbanken in cooperation with KMH. He also has a duo together with last year's Jan Wallander laureate , double bass player Josef Karnebäck.

See article in the music magazine Lira (in Swedish)

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