"Jazz Cat Awards" to Josefine Lindstrand, Filip Jers and Monica Dominique

Josefine Lindstrand. Foto: Martina Holmberg/Sveriges Radio.
Josefine Lindstrand. Foto: Martina Holmberg/Sveriges Radio.

Josefine Lindstrand, singer, pianist, composer and master student at KMH, won the category This year's composer in the P2 Jazzkatten Award.  The award Musician of the year was given to former KMH student, now hourly paid teacher of harmonica Filip Jers. The Audience Award Guldkatten ("the Gold Cat") went to former KMH student Monica Dominique, who in November appears with KMH Jazz Orchestra in her own works.

The singer, pianist and composer Josefine Lindstrand received Jazzkatten as Composer of the Year! The motivation reads:

Inspired by fruitful transfers between different genres and international collaboration, this year's composer has found a completely own personal and Nordic-sounding voice. Based on text melodies are created, without the text inhibiting the melodies, rhythms and harmonies. From this grows organic, clear melodies presented in a seemingly simple but natural way.

Foto av Filip Jers vid Jazzkatten 2016. Foto: Martina Holmberg/Sveriges Radio.

Filip Jers. Photo: Martina Holmberg/Sveriges Radio.

As the first harmonica player Filip Jers took a master's degree at KMH in 2011. With his unique sound ha has made success at jazz clubs and festivals worldwide, and was already in 2005 a double world champion in harmonica.

When he is now awarded as Musician of the Year at the Jazzkatten Gala, the motivation is:

"Playing along with equal portions of virtuosity and simplicity. Without artificial fences between genres but with an ever-present jazz nerve, dancing in the footsteps of his model Toots [Thielemans] with his convenient instruments ever ready for great deeds."

Foto av Monica Dominique vid Jazzkatten 2016. Foto: Martina Holmberg/Sveriges Radio.

Monica Dominique. Photo: Martina Holmberg/Sveriges Radio.

The composer and pianist Monica Dominique was honoured for her contributions to Swedish jazz with Guldkatten ("the Gold Cat") - the audience prize.

Monica was a member of the musical group Solar plexus and the vocal group Gals and Pals. She performed i.e. in Hasseåtage's revue Spader Madame. As a composer, she has held a variety of assignments, including radio and TV productions.

Jazzkatten is awarded annually since 1993 by the Swedish Radio P2 in the categories Newcomer of the Year, Musician of the Year, Jazz group of the Year, Composer of the Year, the Gold Cat and a special prize.

The awards gala was led by Miriam Aida and is broadcast live on P2 October 11, 2016.


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