The Jan Wallander Prize

About the Jan Wallander Prize

Winners of the Jan Wallander Prize 2010-2016
Winners of the Jan Wallander Prize 2010-2016

År 2009, Handelsbanken founded a prize in co-operation with KMH – the Jan Wallander Prize. The prize winner is chosen by an international jury and will have the loan of an exceedingly high-class instrument.

The prize is awarded in mid- to late March every year, and on this occasion the award ceremony will be on March 30th, 2017.

The Jan Wallander prize is awarded to musicians in various musical genres, in order to reflect the diversity of Swedish higher music education. The 2017 Prize will be awarded to a violin student with a profile in Classical Music.

2010: a violin by Januarius Gagliano, Naples 1756

2011: a violin by Nicola Gagliano, Naples 1766

2012: a viola by Giuseppe, Antonio and Giovanni Gagliano, Naples c:a 1800

2013: a violoncello by Januarius Gagliano, Naples 1741

2014: a grand piano, newly manufactured by Steinway & Sons

2015: a double-bass, England c:a 1830

2016: a violin by Johannes Florenus Guidantus, Bologna 1731

2017: a violin by Michele Deconet, Venice 1750

Jan Wallanderpriset: prisinstrument 2017, en violin byggd av Michele Deconet

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