Jacob Mühlrad premiered in Carnegie Hall

Antonio Hallongren and Jacob Mühlrad in Swedish TV4 Morning News 7/7 2016

The composer and KMH student Jacob Mühlrad is the youngest composer who has got his works performed by the Royal Swedish Opera and in the Berwald Hall in Stockholm. In addition, he has made several acclaimed side projects, including with hip-hop artist Silvana Imam and gallerist Jonas Kleerup. On June 28, his work "Pan" was premiered at Carnegie Hall in New York by the Swedish cellist and former KMH student Antonio Hallongren, who is also studying at the Juilliard School of Music in New York.

– In the piece I have been inspired by the Greek mythological tale of the god Pan, says Jacob Mühlrad. The playing technique "flautando" enables me to portray the "panic" flute sounds on the cello, says Jacob Mühlrad.

When Jacob was interviewed by the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter in 2012, he said he was "aiming at Carnegie Hall" and was hoping to see a performance there within ten years - in 2022. But it has thus gone much faster than he had thought.

- I'm incredibly grateful and have new dreams that I am passionate about, new ideas that I want to realize, and I am really looking forward to realizing this and future musical works. I try to be as focused on what to expect here and now as on my long-term ambitions, says Jacob Mühlrad.

Jacob's New York premiere, as well as his collaboration with Silvana Imam, received considerable attention in the Swedish media, including the TV4 Morning News on July 4:


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