Welcome to Housewarming Party January 27-29!

Vingette image for housewarming party January 27-29, 2017

Welcome to a housewarming party for three days!

Now that we have settled in the fantastic new KMH campus, we want to celebrate with you!

During three intensive days, you get the opportunity to listen to music, try to music, learn more about music, socialize and take part in the new premises.

You are invited to, among other things:

• First performances by Benny Andersson, Magnus Lindgren and Karin Rehnqvist!

• FolkFlow Lab and Music in Disorder!

• Classic highlights and adventurous chamber music!

• A musical bar and other interactive installations!

• KMH unique loudspeaker dome!

• Conduct a choir or play pop/rock/jazz!

• Mini Fair: Meet KMH students, teachers and study programmes on location!

• Food, drinks and snacks in Restaurant Oktav!

... And much, much more: almost fifty concerts plus workshops, lectures and mingle!

Everything is permeated by what we have in common: passion, ambition - and not least our commitment to the power of music and it's importance for all human beings!

KMH new campus is one of the world's most modern music schools, and continues to develop day to day as both an open music laboratory, and a window into the music scenes of the future.

The buildings have also attracted international attention and have been nominated for the award Construction of the Year 2017.

Come and warm up the new KMH campus with us!


27-29 January 2017
Location:KMH, Valhallavägen 105, Stockholm
Underground/Subway: Stadion

Free admission!

Advance bookings only for the concert Saturday, 28.01 19:00 in the Royal Hall (opens shortly)

For other events: Come and go as it suits you during the three days!

Foajén på KMH:s nya campus

Exteriörbild av KMH:s nya campus. Foto: Ola Fogelström.

Foto av KMH Symfoniorkester i Kungasalen

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