Good bye Statens Normal!

KMH, A-huset. Wikimedia Commons.

Now the doors are being closed for good to the former Statens Normalskola's light yellow brick buildings, which has been the KMH A house for 45 years.

The light yellow brick building was designed by Paul Hedqvist and inaugurated January 11, 1950. It was custom built for Statens Normalskola (the State Normal School), which had been formed in 1943 following the restructuring of the former State Normal School for Girls.

Statens Normalskola covered high school, junior secondary school, girls school and six years of elementary school, the latter reorganized into nine-year comprehensive school. The building was designed deliberately to make room for different types of school in the respective parts of the complex, each given its own character, and the central atrium as a communal gathering place.

The first president of Statens Normalskola, Professor Sven Grauers, was the director of the National psychological-pedagogical institute, which was housed in the premises. Matriculation given from 1947 to 1968, and lower school certificate 1944-1964.

KMH has provided education and concerts in the house since 1971, in parallel with the original, now demolished, B house along Valhallavägen. Here, then, generations of representatives of the Swedish music scene and music faculty has passed through in recent decades. The premises have also housed other tenants, such as the Department of Musicology at Stockholm University and the Swedish School of Sport School Åstrand Laboratory.

One of the last groups that visited KMH premises before the move to the new campus, where students from one of the classes that graduated at the State Normal School in 1956. Thus, this year they celebrated the their 60-year graduation anniversary (!) by seeing their school before the building is now emptied to be demolished and replaced by a large number of newly built apartments - while KMH now instead look forward to opening the doors to the public in our new campus!

Foto från invigning av Statens Normalskola 1950

Photo from the inauguration of Statens Normalskola in 1950.

Studentklasser i Statens Normal 1956

Student classes in Statens Normalskola 1956.

1956 års studentklass åter i skolans lokaler före rivning 2016

Student class of 1956 return before demolition and KMH moving to new campus in 2016.

BB King intervjuas av Svante Grundberg i anslutning till Polarpriset 2004

One of many prominent KMH guests in the A-building through the years: Blues Legend B. B. King interviewed by Svante Grundberg as he was about to receive the Polar Music Prize in 2004.

Dirigentundervisning i A-huset, foto: Per B Adolphson

One of many everyday educational situations in the A-building through the years: B. Tommy Andersson teaches orchestral conducting. Photo: Per B Adolphson. 

And finally,by the middle of August 2016, the excavators put their teeth in the A-building – Good Bye Statens Normal! (video: Mattias Alldahl):

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