Daniel Garthon represents Sweden in Young Nordic Jazz Comets

Group portrait of Daniel & Dundret. Photo: Marcus Boberg.
Daniel & Dundret. Photo: Marcus Boberg.

Daniel Garthon, saxophonist, composer and KMH student, represents Sweden with his group Daniel & Dundret at this year's Young Nordic Jazz Comets, which takes place in Umeå 27 October.

This year the Umeå Jazz Festival is hosting the Young Nordic Jazz Comets, a recurring festival for young talents in the Scandinavian jazz scene.

Young Nordic Jazz Comets were during its first ten years a competition for young Nordic jazz bands. Since 2012 there is no element of competition – the event now has the shape of a showcase, where young Scandinavian bands meet arrangers and producers in an international and professional music environment.

This year's five groups:

Okko Saastamoisen quartet (FinlandI)
Dyrberg / Balvig / Nesheim feat. Kovacs (Denmark)
Anna & Sölvi (Iceland)
Daniel & Dundret (Sweden)
Megalodon Collective (Norway)

Daniel & Dundret consists of four improvisers who share their passion for the chaotic minimalist rhythms and confusingly simple melodies: Daniel Gahrton (saxophone), Milton Öhrström (piano), Jonas Nilsson (bass) and Cornelia Nilsson (drums).

All songs are original compositions by Daniel, many of them written long before the group was formed. When they started playing together in Gothenburg in 2015, they felt that everything fell right into place. The group is inevitably inspired by much of the great Scandinavian jazz and improvisation scene. Hopefully, the listener can also hear some of the deceased Ornette Coleman's soul into the music.

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