Artify the Music

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KMH proudly presents: Artify the Music.

Artify the Music is an interactive, modern and innovative festival breaking boundaries between audiences and artists. It takes the visitor on an unforgettable journey combining music, film, image and light into a unique and innovative experience.

Artify the Music is produced and created by the students from the master's program in music and media production.

The program is one of KMH's most popular study programmes, where students work on songwriting, music, photography and film production.

The festival therefore combines self-written music with visual aspects such as image and film to provide the spectator with a unique and interactive experience.

Tuesday May 23, 19:00
Wednesday May 24, 19:00

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The festival is free, but tickets must be booked in advance:

Https:// tickets-187607
Https:// tickets-187608



Instagram: @Artifythemusic

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